Frequently Asked Questions

If my circumstances change do I need to tell anyone?

Yes, if there is any changes e.g. phone numbers, employer’s details, emergency contacts etc; please contact the office immediately. It is very important that we have proper details, as we may need to contact you in an emergency. For Early Years at 123 Castlemilk Drive and 29 Dunagoil Road, please call 0141 634 6161.

What happens if my child is unwell?

In accordance with NHS guidelines children who have sickness or diarrhoea must have a clear 48 hours before they come back to nursery. If your child has any type of infection please let the nursery know as soon as possible. All medicines / creams must be prescribed by your doctor before the nursery can give them to your child .You will also have to sign a medical consent form on a daily basis to enable the nursery to administer the medicine. The nursery is unable to give children any medication unless a Doctor has prescribed it with a time and dosage stated on it, this includes Calpol. If your child becomes unwell in nursery we will phone you and ask you to come and collect him or her. If you are unavailable we will contact one of your emergency contact numbers. If your child suffers from any allergies / medical conditions you must inform the nursery immediately.

How do I let the staff know who is picking up my child?

There is a signing in sheet/fire register in each playroom that should be filled out on a daily basis. If there is a change to the named person please contact the nursery and we will change your details. As a matter of safety, you must notify us if anyone other than the named person is collecting your child. If you fail to do this we will not let your child leave the nursery without your consent. This is reflected in our Safe Care & Collection of Children Procedure

What do I do if my child is not attending nursery?

If you know your child won’t be attending nursery for any reason please let us know by speaking to a member of staff or by contacting:

Early Years at 123 Castlemilk Drive: 0141 634 6161

Early Years at 29 Dunagoil Road: 0141 634 6161

Will my child go on outings with the nursery?

Yes, there will be times when your child will leave the nursery, with your consent. You will be asked to fill in a local consent form when your child starts nursery for trips around Castlemilk, this will be updated if your circumstances change. If your child is going on a trip out with Castlemilk you will be asked to fill in consent form specifically for that trip.

What other activities will my children be taking part in?

Mini – Kickers sessions through-out the year for all children aged 3-5 years. Yoga classes for our children aged 3-5 years facilitated through Castlemilk stress centre. We also have entertainers who come into the nursery to entertain the children.

What happens when it’s my child’s birthday?

To celebrate Birthdays parents can bring in a small pre-bought cake, (we apologise that due to Health & Safety requirements we are unable to serve home-made cakes). All children will be made to feel special, staff and children sing Happy Birthday song. To keep Birthdays manageable we ask that parents save individual party bags for home.

Are there parent’s activities in Nursery?

There is a Parent’s Group that meets six weekly in the Early Years Unit at 29 Dunagoil Road. We are currently developing this within the Early Years Unit at 123 Castlemilk Drive. The aims of the groups are to share information, take active involvement in consultation and to plan fundraising events. This is a great opportunity to come along and ask any questions you may have about nursery life. The Board of Directors are responsible for the Governance and strategic direction of the organisation. They are responsible for employing appropriately skilled staff to lead, manage and deliver the services. The Director of Services attends these meetings and presents organisational reports.

I need to change the days my child attends nursery, how do I do this?

We understand that parents experience changes in their work and study patterns and need to make changes to their childcare to suit. For changes to the days your child attends, (requests for more, less or different days) we ask you to complete a Changes to Childcare Form stating the changes you require and when you would like this to start. Requests are submitted to the Head of Service, you can hand these in or request and send by e-mail. We aim to process these within 3 working days. It is important to provide as much notice as possible to enable us to assess availability and meet your needs. If there is no availability to approve requests immediately you will be offered the opportunity to be added to a waiting list. You will be notified as soon as your request has been processed.

I no longer need childcare and want to cancel, how do I tell you?

If you no longer require childcare one months notice is required to terminate your place. Cancellation of Childcare Agreement Forms are available on request. You can do this in person or by e-mail, whichever is easiest. A close of account will be issued upon your termination letter being received.

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