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We are proud to help families by providing childcare and youth services to reduce poverty and improve life chances. Your donations will help us continue to assist in achieving our aims.



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Our Latest Inspection Reports

Below are the results of our latest inspection reports for you to take a look at.

Early Years at 123

Early Years at 29

OOSC at Castleton

OOSC at St Bartholomews

You Spoke, We Listened

The results from our 'How good is your nursery' questionnaire are in and we have collated them into downloadable PDFs for you to take a look at.

Collated Results, 2013

Collated Feedback, 2013

Collated Results at 123, 2013

Collated Results at 29, 2014

Collated Feedback at 29, 2014

Collated Results at 123, 2014

Collated Feedback at 123, 2014

“Keep parents up to date with how well the children are doing and progressing and if there are any concerns.”

“Promote confident children. Form strong relationships with children/parents. Friendly and approachable staff.”

“Staff listen to all/any worries or queries from parents and children. All staff support parents and children, even regarding home life. Staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. All staff follow parent’s wishes for their children.”

Thank you for your feedback, we very much value your opinion and hope to use this to continually develop the service that we deliver.

Closure Date Listings

We have now provided a comprehensive listing of all our closure dates on our website. To view the dates, please click here.