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Indi Youth is an exciting new service for young people, from P7s to 16 year-olds.

Young people have told us what they want ... and what they don’t want. At P7/S1 age they have told us they don’t want Out of School Care – they don’t want any ‘care’ at all! They also don’t want to be in a school – when the bell rings they want to go somewhere else. They want a little independence, to relax, to make their own food, to chill out on big sofas, to do their homework in a relaxing space, chatting with friends and taking part in interesting stuff. They want a social network site in the real world. Also, parents need to know their youngsters are in a safe place – wouldn’t it be great if this place was registered and parents could claim the childcare element of Tax Credit to help with the cost? Peace of mind at an affordable price.

We understand all of these issues, and so we created Indi Youth – for young people who don’t want childcare and for parents who do. Launched in June 2012, Indi Youth offers term-time after-school registered youth care for up to 30 full time equivalent young people, five days per week, and full-day services during holidays and in-service days.

Activities and Events


Based in Castlemilk Youth Complex, Indi Youth youngsters take part in a whole range of stuff, including photography, drama, music, dance, and specialist arts and crafts from the Youth Complex, working in partnership to ensure efficient costs and best value.

During holiday time, when the service is running all day, youngsters have the opportunity to participate in even more activities through the Youth Complex, and have the chance to head off on outings that they’ve planned.

Young people are actively involved in the operation of the service, taking ownership of programme planning, buying equipment, thinking about enterprise, and becoming young leaders along the way. Young people also contribute to staff recruitment, as their views are crucial to Indi Youth’s success.

We asked the youngsters to describe Indi Youth. Here are some of their responses: “Good!” “Epically amazing!” “Great!”  What are their favourite activities? “Laser Quest!” “Swimming.” “Playing drums!” What are their favourite outings? “Horse riding.” “Tubing!” “Cookery school.” “Ice skating!” 

What To Do Next

Interested and want to know more? Contact us and someone who knows about Indi Youth will get right back to you.

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