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What do we do?

Indigo exists to provide outstanding early learning and childcare solutions, from birth up to the age of 16yrs. We aim to provide services that provide the best possible start in life for all of our children and young people and a platform for improved life chances as they grow. Our services are flexible, accessible, and affordable to the local communities they serve, and our aspiration is always to provide outstanding quality in the eyes of all of our customers and stakeholders.

We are a business with social objectives, with our roots embedded in the community. Supported and part-funded by Glasgow City Council, we operate as a social enterprise, a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, which means that all income generated goes directly to the provision of the services and in turn to supporting our local communities.


Indigo Childcare Group will be recognised as the trusted brand in the provision of childcare solutions, from birth to 16yrs old, on the west coast of Scotland. We will achieve this through our valued and purposeful engagement with children, young people, and their families, and our leadership in providing innovative and sustainable childcare solutions of an outstanding quality.

Our vision is underpinned by a series of values and guiding principles and will be delivered upon through the implementation of our current development plan, the key objectives of which can be seen by clicking here.

Meet Our People

For a comprehensive listing of our senior staff and directors, please click here.


We seek to ensure that our families experience outstanding quality across all of our services at all times. We constantly strive to exceed expectations and involve our communities in the ongoing development and improvement of our services, to ensure they reflect their needs and interests. As a learning organization, we are committed to the ongoing progression and development not only of our children and young people, but of our whole staff team, too. As such, following regular supervision, observations, and appraisals, our staff team participate in a wide range of formal and informal learning opportunities, beginning with their induction as part of their initial probationary period and progressing from there, dependent on their needs and interests, those of the children and young people they are working with, and the current leading-edge thinking in children and young people’s services. As a minimum, our staff have achieved (or, in the case of new staff members, are working towards) the required nationally recognised qualifications.

We believe that an independent view of our quality standards is important, and as such, our services are founded on the nationally recognised quality assurance standards relevant for the age and stage of the children and young people they serve, including: National Care Standards, How Good Is Our Early Learning and Childcare, and Achieving Quality Scotland. We deliver Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to Three curriculums at appropriate levels across all of our services. All services are founded on the principles of Getting It Right For Every Child, ensuring that the primary focus is the overall wellbeing of the children, young people, and families we serve. Importantly, we are committed to listening to the views of our families on the quality of our services, and have a broad ranging participation and engagement strategy to facilitate the gathering and subsequent action required on the views of our parents, carers, children, young people, and wider stakeholders.


We are proud members of a range of organisations that support our ongoing development, both as a children and young people’s organisation and as a social enterprise. These include:

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